Happiness At Its Finest

For the longest time, I believed and treated happiness as an object.

I recently realized that the way that I was searching for happiness was as if it was a tangible thing that I could just obtain once I do x, y, and z. I have now fully learned that happiness isn't something that you can just hold in your arms and lock it in your closet in order to never lose it. It also isn't something that you've achieved after having met someone, or succeeded in something big, or anything like that.

In a way, I realized I was very greedy. I wanted happiness in every aspect of my life. So much so that I would over think the simplest things in life that used to make me happy.

Happiness "isn't meant to be something you get to experience one day.

It's nature's way of telling you you're on the right track right now."

And now that I know this and am fully aware that happiness is every aspect of your being living in cohesion. And more importantly, happiness is when you just feel grateful for the things that are right in front of you. When you just enjoy the littlest things in life, happiness resounds more than ever before.

So my advice: bring happiness to every moment, thought, perspective, action, interaction, into everything. Make adjustments into the way you live your life that will make it easier for you to just choose happiness.


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