The Worst Monster

Just breathe. When things happen, you have to take a step back. Count to 10. Listen to your breathing. Find your heart beat. Be aware of everything that’s going on in and around you. Find your anchor and just breathe.

Circumstances and situations in life just drive us to certain aspects of our personality. Every one has anger, hostility, pride, lust, desire. Some are able to suppress it more than others. Some have never seen that part of them before. How lucky are they to have never met the monsters that some of us go to extremes to try and conceal.

Then there’s the worst monster out there. Often hidden. It does very well in creeping up on you, especially when you least expect it. And when you were most avoiding it. Emptiness.

It was always in my system to feel too much. To connect too much. To seem too attached. But maybe, the emptiness will do me well. I can learn. I need to learn. I can only do so much, and handle so much. As much as I try to believe otherwise, I’m fragile. I’ve broken before; making me much more delicate and frail for the next set of heights. I need to learn that when it happens again, I’ll just get back up. Glue the pieces back together and prepare for another attempt of avoiding the hidden monster.




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